Who am I?

I find it very difficult to answer this question. Let's start with something simpler: What am I? Here the answer is very straight forward: To science I'm a homo sapiens, to the system a pawn and to the planet a member of its plague. That's right, just one of the bunch. Anyway, leaving realism behind, it's not the same to ask myself: "What am I?" than "What do I think I am?" Seeking an answer to this other question would most likely entail lying, since my self-perception, despite what the name suggests, is not yet my own. I think I often confuse the person I really want to be with the person I think I should be. This brings me to the last logical variation of the question: "What do I feel like?" For this one I do have an honest answer, but a different one every day: A dancer. No no a boat builder! A Writer? In short, the equation stated to answer the question "Who am I?" contains multiple variables. In theory this doesn't mean that there is no solution, but that there might be infinite! On the other hand, if we want to be more practical it's also possible to conclude with an approximation in a relatively accurate and congruent manner with the following answer:

No. Fucking. Idea.


Johannes Thyssen Tishman
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