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DateCommit messageFiles+-
16/11/2022Separate diffstat information from the actual diff1+2-2
16/11/2022Improve styling consistency across pages2+27-26
18/10/2022Use workaround for outdated libgit2 version1+1-1
19/01/2022Add copyright notice to license1+1-0
25/12/2021Remove unnecessary html sub-directory1+1-1
23/11/2021Remove blob file title and file size1+0-4
23/11/2021Modify diffstat format1+7-7
23/11/2021Modify paths and remove owner from index1+5-7
23/11/2021Customize log, files and references tables1+17-18
23/11/2021Remove commit author from log line1+7-6
23/11/2021Customize commit information1+9-8
23/11/2021Reduce size of line number in blob1+1-1
23/11/2021Customize html headers and footers2+37-45
23/11/2021Change date and time formats2+3-3
23/11/2021Do not install example files1+0-19
16/08/2022prefix usage with the common prefix "usage: "2+2-2
07/08/2022bump version to 1.21+1-1
26/07/2022Makefile: add workaround for distros still using older libgit2 versions1+4-0
27/05/2022Revert "remain compatible with slightly older libgit versions for now"2+0-4
24/05/2022remain compatible with slightly older libgit versions for now2+4-0
24/05/2022Allow git to run on an other user repository2+4-0
02/04/2022bump version to 1.11+1-1
19/03/2022improve stream read and write error handling2+42-9
15/03/2022add dark mode support for the example stylesheet1+48-0
03/01/2022bump LICENSE year1+1-1
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