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10/02/2023Add gcolors script1+73-277
10/02/2023Add mail script1+10-0
10/02/2023Add passtype script1+55-0
10/02/2023Add bookmarks script1+12-0
10/02/2023Edit rule for unmatched urls in linkhandler script1+1-2
10/02/2023Update exit option in powerctl script1+2-2
10/02/2023Update browser script to work with qutebrowser1+1-1
10/02/2023Rename dwm starting script2+12-8
29/11/2022Add gitcheck script1+39-0
13/11/2022Use configured ssh host alias in webupdate script1+1-1
31/10/2022Add pdfctl script1+29-0
05/10/2022Add exit option to logout to powerctl script1+5-3
11/09/2022Replace password manager in mailcheck script1+1-1
11/09/2022Remove script descriptions from README1+0-88
11/09/2022Simplify backup script to a more manual approach1+6-26
04/08/2022Update command to reload statusbar3+3-3
04/08/2022Update statusbar script1+68-63
04/08/2022Remove exit function from powerctl script1+1-1
04/08/2022Add xterm function to gcolors script1+15-0
04/08/2022Update output devices in display script1+12-11
04/08/2022Add curl timout to crypto- and mailcheck scripts2+2-2
11/01/2022Update path and rsync flags in webupdate script1+2-2
11/01/2022Update commands in powerctl script for OpenBSD1+10-13
11/01/2022Update server user and host in mailcheck script1+2-2
11/01/2022Update paths in gitinit script1+8-9
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