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DateCommit messageFiles+-
10/02/2023Update .gitignore file1+0-1
10/02/2023Add default colors1+16-0
10/02/2023Update command for password input1+4-2
07/02/2023Add gitignore file1+2-0
07/02/2023Source colors from file1+3-19
30/01/2023Apply pertag patch1+82-6
30/01/2023Allow to toggle monocle layout with one client1+1-1
18/01/2023Use Mod4 for layout related keybindings1+3-3
18/01/2023Define specific tag and keybinding for mail1+4-2
18/01/2023Change browser to qutebrowser1+1-2
07/01/2023Increase border size and color1+2-2
19/12/2022Increase step size for cfact1+2-2
14/12/2022Apply focusmaster patch2+20-2
14/12/2022Apply attachbottom patch1+13-3
14/12/2022Apply cfacts patch2+41-6
08/12/2022Change Mod-key to a more ergonomic Mod1 (Left-Alt)1+1-1
07/12/2022Add keybinding for bookmarks script1+3-1
01/12/2022Add rule for editor window spawn by vimb1+3-2
04/08/2022Reset status bar on volume change1+4-0
16/02/2022Remove spfzf configurations1+0-2
28/01/2022Fix indentation and add vim modeline1+57-55
28/01/2022Remove reset-to-default-tag functionality1+0-11
28/01/2022Change password manager to tpm1+2-2
28/01/2022Update man page install path1+1-1
28/01/2022Change font1+2-2
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