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24/02/2023Add vi-command keybindings in inputrc1+4-0
24/02/2023Replace password manager command for mbsync1+1-1
24/02/2023Replace vim-easy-align with vim-tabular in neovim1+2-3
24/02/2023Disable persistent match highlighting in neovim1+7-0
24/02/2023Remove redundant variable export in bashrc1+0-1
15/02/2023Fix xresources hostname specific conditionals2+2-4
13/02/2023Add timeout hook to neomutt IMAP accounts3+6-0
13/02/2023Alias tree to colortree in bashrc1+1-0
10/02/2023Remove unused vimb dotfiles3+0-90
10/02/2023Add qutebrowser default colors1+16-0
10/02/2023Update dunst configuration1+1-13
10/02/2023Add colorschemes and templates11+177-0
10/02/2023Update xresources configuration2+5-3
10/02/2023Sort neomutt threads based on last descendant1+1-1
10/02/2023Update fzf configuration2+5-2
10/02/2023Add qutebrowser configuration and quickmarks2+130-0
10/02/2023Change zathura window title settings1+3-0
10/02/2023Start dwm from a script in xsession1+1-1
10/02/2023Update variables exported in xsession1+4-3
10/02/2023Remove colors function from bashrc1+0-22
10/02/2023Update neomutt configuration7+38-29
10/02/2023Set default application for the svg mimetype1+1-0
10/02/2023Fix file opener function in bashrc1+1-1
08/02/2023Delete obsolete dotfiles4+0-477
08/02/2023Remove laptop specific dotfiles4+11-255
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