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DateCommit messageFiles+-
10/02/2023Add default colors1+16-0
07/02/2023Source colors from file1+4-20
08/12/2022Bind Ctrl-k/j to move up and down1+6-5
28/01/2022Update man page installation path1+1-1
28/01/2022Update to work with OpenBSD1+2-3
28/01/2022Change font1+1-1
01/09/2021Change color scheme1+16-16
23/08/2021Update README1+10-0
23/08/2021Change font1+1-1
23/08/2021Set up custom config.h1+33-0
23/08/2021Apply fuzzymatch patch3+91-1
31/10/2022readstdin: allocate amount of items1+6-4
31/10/2022readstdin: add a comment1+1-1
30/10/2022fix leak when getline fails1+3-1
26/10/2022dmenu: small XmbLookupString code improvements1+4-4
04/10/2022bump version to 5.21+1-1
26/09/2022dmenu: use die() to print the usage message1+2-3
16/09/2022remove workaround for a crash with color emojis on some systems, now fixed in libXft 2.3.51+0-14
02/09/2022fix a regression in the previous commit for tab complete1+1-1
01/09/2022tab-complete: figure out the size before copying1+2-2
01/09/2022readstdin: use getline(3)1+7-7
08/08/2022sync code-style patch from libsl1+12-11
01/05/2022Makefile: add manual path for OpenBSD1+1-0
30/04/2022fix incorrect comment, math is hard1+1-1
29/04/2022inputw: improve correctness and startup performance, by NRK1+2-8
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