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16/11/2022Replace inline styling with CSS selector3+10-6
15/11/2022Correct spelling errors in README and man page2+6-6
22/12/2021Rewrite man page in mdoc and update README2+115-79
22/12/2021Change default permissions of blogdir to 7551+1-1
22/12/2021Update README and man page2+22-20
22/12/2021Increase portability and fix minor bugs1+79-57
22/12/2021Update compiler and man page installation path1+2-2
10/11/2021Fix relative paths of blog entries1+1-1
05/11/2021Update README1+1-2
08/09/2021Update example7+108-97
08/09/2021Remove unnecessary divs1+5-7
20/08/2021Remove index.html on error1+1-0
01/05/2021Add README and man page2+125-0
01/05/2021Add example6+344-0
01/05/2021Add GNU General Public License2+691-0
01/05/2021Add Makefile1+28-0
01/05/2021Initial commit2+249-0