One must live 26/01/2021

Today I feel like writing in English. Earlier today I was listening to Overthinker by INZO, a piece of art. I realized that all I'm doing here writing is to overthink. My friend says it might be because of loneliness, but I think that's bullshit. This is getting crazy and self-destructive. I find myself arguing in my head about things that simply don't deserve my attention, irrelevant crap that leads to ideas I don't want to have. I've lost touch with reality. Just read what I wrote yesterday. I probably spent a couple of hours writing that and honestly, now that I think about it, who cares? I mean how easy it is to just say: Pff, whatever. It's really funny how I'm complaining exactly about what I'm doing right now. Perpetual and compulsive repetition of words. I feel like thinking before doing might not be what I want to do anymore. What about spontaneity and not trying to have everything under control? Time to wake up.